Is Aliexpress Safe? My Personal Experience and Review…

About the company

Aliexpress (also called Alieexpress or Alixpress) by some customers is an online marketplace owned by the Chinese company Alibaba. This online store concept was launch in 2010 and gives small Chinese businesses the opportunity to sell their products online. This website is HUGE! Currently it ships to almost every country out there (over 200 countries to be more exact), however that may vary based on different sellers. The type of products you can expect to find on Aliexpress are clothing, electronics, gadgets, cell phone accessories, sports equipment, car parts, accessories and many more. Basically if you can think about the product chances are you’ll be able to find it on Aliexpress. But let’s get back to the main reason for writing this post, is Aliexpress safe and legit to buy on? To help you make a better buying decision I’ll tell you more about my personal experience with Aliexpress, tips for buying on their website, pros and cons for buying there. Here’s my review:

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My personal experience

In order to keep this review completely legit I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m from the US, as a matter of fact I’m from South Africa and I’ll tell you in a second why this might not really make any difference. I’m someone who love surfing the web and buying things online, so keeping my credit card details secure is definitely important. I stumbled on Aliexpress one do after searching for suppliers for my import / export business at the time and ended up buying a few random items like covers for my cellphone, clothing and other gadgets. The products were a lot cheaper online than in South Africa (little did I know that we had strict import taxes) but I ordered them anyway. I chose the cheapest shipping options available and after waiting a few weeks (because shipping in and to South Africa sucks). I got my products, after collecting them from the post office. Buyers from the US receive 10x better shipping rates and receive items lot faster, so if you’re from the US you’re in luck.

Is Aliexpress Safe

The gadgets I ordered all seemed to work fine, cellphone covers fit and off the clothes I orderd (pant and hoodie) the pants fit perfectly but the Hoodie not a chance. Overall the experience wasn’t bad and I didn’t get any of my credit card details stolen. So I’d have to say Aliexpress is secure enough to shop at.


Here’s a short video review on this online store


Tips for keeping safe and buying on Aliexpress

Alieexpress has a few tips they give buyers in the help section of their website which I will include in this section. I’ll also add a few of my own tips for getting the best bang for your buck and keeping everything impregnable.

  • If it’s to good to be true it probably is – this is very much true for pricing of products.
  • Take caution when buying name brand items – most products like Apple and other manufacturers put minimum pricing on their product so if you’re paying $10 for a $200 IPhone it’s probably not the real deal.
  • Don’t ever pay sellers directly via bank transfers or Paypal. Not that there is anything wrong with Paypal, just make sure to complete all payments through the Aliexpress website which is safe, secure and legit – easy enough…
  • Check seller ratings and feedback before buying an product. Always ask yourself if feedback seems legit because like any other marketplace on the internet be it Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress reviews can be faked.
  • If your buying clothing be sure to check measurements in the product description and select the size that fits you perfectly.
  • Use the product arranging tool to arrange products according to most sold, lowest pricing, free shipping and more.
  • Also be on the lookout for sales which happen a lot! Often times you can get products at killer prices.
  • If your just browsing start with the best-selling section to find some real gems.


The Alibaba buyer protection

Aliexpress guarantees that you the buyer will be safe and protected when ordering products from it’s sellers. They will offer you a full refund if your product does not arrive within the shipping time frame promised by the seller. You also have the option of returning products that are not as described or keeping the product and getting a partial refund.

For more information about buyer protection and how it keeps you safe visit their store here and click on the “Buyer protection” link in the bottom section.


What I like about Aliexpress

  • There are thousands of products available, even if you’re just browsing it’s fun to look at.
  • Aliexpress offers millions of products and most of them can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Even though most seller’s first language isn’t English the respond quickly and are eager to please you – the Chinese are like that.
  • Products are cheap! Well at least 90% of them are and if you know how to look for them.
  • Shopping on AliEx is legit and safe. People need to get out of the stigma of “Buying online is dangerous”. We life in a technological day and age where more and more online stores pop up every day.
  • Availability – If you don’t like the price one seller is offering you odds are that you’re going to find the same product at another seller and maybe even at a better price.


What I didn’t like

  • Shipping times a long, especially for someone living in South Africa. I’m not going to pay more than the product is worth just to get it here in 3-4 days time via FedEx. So make sure to check shipping times and find the best combination of affordable products and shipping.
  • Fakes, fakes and more fakes. Counterfeit items are sold by some sellers, and although I don’t have proof of these items being counterfeit, I’d like to assume when something costs 10 times less than it would cost at a physical store near you it can’t be the real thing.



Overall I like Alixpress very much and would shop on that website everyday if shipping to my country wasn’t so low. However if you like low prices and great variety than Aliexpress is for, especially if you live in the United States where shipping systems are way better than South Africa. I think I’ve also showed you that it is secure, but if your not sure yet go over the “Tips for buying and keeping safe in Aliexpress” section again. Enjoy shopping online!

Click here to visit the Aliexpress store


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